Holiday home in Mallorca with unforgettable dinners! – Holiday Rentals in Mallorca

If you rent a holiday home in Mallorca, you run the risk of spending unforgettable dinners! Because a plate of paella is like a party! And if they cook it live, it’s a double celebration! Kate and her group of friends from Europe and the United States know it well! They gathered from Seattle and London to this charming mansion located in the hills of Palma, to celebrate a birthday spending a few days on vacation. And I, who manage the property and live exactly in front of the villa, witnessed the preparations for this unforgettable night that aimed to be a first birthday: good food, pool and music in a dream setting! And so it was, if you look at the photos! Because it was not the usual party if not a paella at home! Chef Pau happened in the villa with bandana, paella pan, fires and the ingredients selected for an exceptional menu where the highlight was of course the Spanish paella. It all started with the crackling of onion and pepper, cooked in front of a rapt audience; and ended with a delicious lemon pie that did not disappoint even the most demanding palates. When Katie shortly after booking her vacation in the villa, a chef asked me to organize a barbecue night, I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t invest her plans! And instead I offered paellas at home, this idea of ​​dinner as simple as it is only in your class, I’m sure it will remain in the hearts and memories of everyone! Because if you rent a holiday home in Mallorca, you run the risk of spending unforgettable nights!

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