The island offers you an infinity of adventure and unforgettable moments to experience,
at least 13 are not to be missed!


Home to a fascinating monastery, it is down the road from Deia…this village once accommodated George Sands and Chopin and is housed in the Sierra the Tramuntana, UNESCO Heritage. Its tiny port is worth a visit and a lunch in the restaurant overlooking the sea.


A real gastronomy spot! In this village at the back of Palma you can find some of the oldest restaurants of Mallorca, like Petit Can Pep, Can Pedro, Ca Na Juana, La Ximbomba.

Palma – Soller Train

An antique train taking a very scenic journey through the mountains www.trendesoller.com

Jardins d’Alfabia

These luxuriant gardens are the finest on Mallorca, offering some of the best-relaxed atmospheres on the island.

Peninsula de Formentor

Setting of one of the oldest and most famous hotels on the island, this breathtaking peninsula at the North West tip of the island is definitely worth a visit, by car, bike or just hiking.


Famous for its cellar restaurants, leather factories, and showrooms like Camper.

Festival Park

A shopping center just off the Palma to Inca motorway. You can find factory outlets, designer shops, restaurants and bars, and cinemas that shows English films.


The tiny village of Arta and its sun-bleached roofs lead to an amazingly intact prehistoric village, Ses Paisses.


Within easy driving distance from Algaida, this is a place of meditation, quietness, peace. It is at the foot of Puig the Randa mountain, where the Sanctuario of Cura is housed. At 548 metres we can see almost the entire island surrounded by the sea.


Set high in the mountains and with a trendy port close by, Soller is a delicious village nestled in the hills of the Sierra the Tramuntana, UNESCO Heritage.


Home of Robert Graves, it is a beautiful coastal village in the North West, housed in the Sierra the Tramuntana, UNESCO Heritage.


With an abundance of superb local bodegas, including Macia Batle, Jose Ferrer and Pere Seda, it’s well worth a trip, just remember to book a taxi!

Cabrera Island

Take a day trip from Colonia St Jordi to this pristine nature lover’s paradise and fourteenth century island.